A Minecraft texture pack by LyssWhit

Transform your game into a world of frilly dresses, tea and cake!

Inspired by Japanese sweet lolita fashion and everything cute and fanciful, this 32x32 Minecraft texture pack is a treat for your eyes!

Current Version: Version 1.7.2 for Minecraft 1.7.2 (November 2, 2013)

Lolita Princess Pack is 100% complete!

To get multiple skin textures for all the mobs and a custom font, use MCPatcher HD Fix or Optifine. (Choose RandomMobs and HD font when installing MCPatcher.) Download and run this program before installing the texture pack.
You can also use the pack without these and it will work fine :)


  • Download the resource pack you want and save it somewhere that you'll remember. It should be a .zip file.
  • Start Minecraft & login to start playing.
  • Click the "Options" button. You can do this from the intro screen or from inside a game.
  • Click the "Resource Packs" button.
  • Click the "Open resource packs folder" button.
  • It opens a folder on your computer. Don't close it! Find the resource pack zipped file that you downloaded and move it into this folder.
  • Go back into Minecraft. Your new resource pack should be showing in the list. Select it and start playing!
  • IF IT DOESN'T WORK--> Unzip the resource pack file and check inside. If there is just one folder with the name of the texture pack, move THAT into your resource packs folder!

Pack Contents:

  • All terrain blocks
  • All items icons
  • Achievement system
  • Weather (clouds, rain, snow)
  • UI/HUD, icons (health, hunger, experience bars, status & effect icons), inventory bar
  • All item entities (chests, map, sign, book, XP orbs, saddle, arrows, boat, cart)
  • One or more skins for all mobs: monsters, animals, and villagers
  • Armor
  • Sun & moon phases
  • Inventory/crafting screens (brewing, chests, crafting, furnace, dispenser, enchanting, trading, etc)
  • Explosion animation and particles (smoke, droplets, bubbles, torch flame, splashes, swirls, etc)
  • Regular font & enchanting font
  • Paintings
  • Animations for water, lava, portals and fire

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