A Minecraft texture pack by LyssWhit

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Transform your game into a world of frilly dresses, tea and cake!

Inspired by Japanese sweet lolita fashion and everything cute and fanciful, this 32x32 Minecraft texture pack is a treat for your eyes!

Current Version: Version 1.8 for Minecraft 1.8 (May 9, 2016)

Lolita Princess Pack is 100% complete!

Ok, Lolita Princess Pack is released for 1.8 but not ALL of the 1.8 textures are finished in this update. When 1.9 is released it will be 100% again :) Support my resource packs on Patreon to get monthly snapshot updates that you can install and use before the official release!


  • Download the resource pack you want and save it somewhere that you'll remember. It should be a .zip file.
  • Start Minecraft & log in to start playing.
  • Click the "Options" button. You can do this from the intro screen or from inside a game.
  • Click the "Resource Packs" button.
  • Click the "Open resource packs folder" button.
  • It opens a folder on your computer. Don't close it! Find the resource pack zipped file that you downloaded and move it into this folder.
  • Go back into Minecraft. Your new resource pack should be showing in the list. Select it and start playing!
  • IF IT DOESN'T WORK--> Unzip the resource pack file and check inside. If there is just one folder with the name of the texture pack, move THAT into your resource packs folder!

Pack Contents:

  • All terrain blocks
  • All items icons
  • Achievement system
  • Weather (clouds, rain, snow)
  • UI/HUD, icons (health, hunger, experience bars, status & effect icons), inventory bar
  • All item entities (chests, map, sign, book, XP orbs, saddle, arrows, boat, cart)
  • One or more skins for all mobs: monsters, animals, and villagers
  • Armor
  • Sun & moon phases
  • Inventory/crafting screens (brewing, chests, crafting, furnace, dispenser, enchanting, trading, etc)
  • Explosion animation and particles (smoke, droplets, bubbles, torch flame, splashes, swirls, etc)
  • Regular font & enchanting font
  • Paintings
  • Animations for water, lava, portals and fire

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